Carolo is a sculptor and use cow dung as the base material to make her sculptures since 2004. She models each piece of sculpture by her hands and then puts them in the oven to dry and hardened them.

The real source of inspiration for carolo comes from her love for animals and she wants to dedicate her love by sculpting  since childhood. Now after so many years sculpting has become her full time job and her unique pieces have been recognised by some artistic awards in France. Her art work is also displayed in galleries and museums all across France.


Sculpture has always been a desire since childhood. The discovery of the animal world and life in the mountains, in contact with a wild and frank nature, shaped his approach.

A mountain country is a country of cows, and it is first of all for the love of cows that Carolo wanted to represent these animals in a material derived from their belly and rumination.

"They appeared to me like goddesses, they gave birth to the landscape.


"These hybrid creatures, halfway between man and animal, populate Carolo's intimate mythology. The sculptures [...] give off a strange, primitive force. "

(excerpt from the article: The mythological bestiary of Carolo, by Marie-Jo Malait, December 2016).


Today, Carolo lives and works in Montpellier, and goes to harvest the dung of the Aubrac cows of Thierry Roumejon, breeder on Mont Lozère, as well as those of Olivier and Angélique Vidal, breeders in the scrubland near Montpellier (Le Cheptel of the Peak).

These breeders feed their animals with pasture grass and hay in winter. They have small flocks, on large spaces.

It is in these conditions that Carolo can realize his sculptures. Because there are no beautiful dung without beautiful cows, and breeders who respect them.



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